Project Description

Mai és tan fosc (It’s never darker)

2014 feature-length documentary film

  • Directed by: Èrika Sánchez
  • Screenwriters: Èrika Sánchez and Roger Danès
  • Produced by Únicamente Severo Films


Mai és tan fosc (It’s never darker)is a feature-length documentary film by the young novice director Èrika Sánchez who, over two years, together with a small film crew, drew a portrait of the economist and activist Arcadi Oliveres (1945). Two crucial years in an exciting biography: from student struggles against Franco’s dictatorship in the 60s, through anti-globalization movements, the creation of the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre and the movement of “Los indignados” (The Outraged). A road movie that combines the collective struggle for the “Spanish Revolution” with the loneliness of the road in his personal gospel against capitalism. From the roar of the crowd of a society in the abyss to the individual struggle of a man to overcome the pitfalls of the human condition.


  • Director: Èrika Sánchez
  • Screenwriters: Èrika Sánchez and Roger Danés
  • Produced by: Únicamente Severo Films (Daria Esteva)
  • Cinematographer: Ricardo Íscar
  • Direct Sound: Amanda Villavieja and Dani Fontrodona
  • Editor: Xavier Esteban