Érika Sánchez


Èrika Sánchez (1983) is a director, screenwriter and producer. She is the co-founder with Xavi Esteban of the production company Antivaho Cinematográfico.
After a decade working as a personal assistant and script supervisor for other directors, in 2014 she wrote and directed her first feature-length documentary film Mai és tan fosc (It Is Never Darker) with a great reception from the audience and films critics.

In 2020 she wrote, directed and produced the short film Panteres (Panthers), that was premiered in the 70th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival (Generation 14Plus) and has been screened at more than 80 Festivals around the world, as well as receiving multiple awards. Panteres is the prelude to the feature film in development The Quiet Women.
She is currently working on the pre-production of the feature film Dietari Final (Final Diary). Co-directed with Ariadna Pujol, an initiative of the Masters Degree in Creative Documentary at from Barcelona’s Pompeu Fabra University. 
Erika is the tutor of the Film Seminar for the Degree in Audiovisual Communication in the third year. (Barcelona’s Ramon Llull University).
She has been chosen in the Pilot Mentoring Program (European Rebeca Professional Development Program) to act as a Mentor to a doctor, who is researching about feminism in the series The Handmaid’s Tale.

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Curriculum vitae


  • Master of Arts in Film and TV Direction and Production, Ramon Llull University (Barcelona) (2006-2007).
  • Bachelor of Arts in Audiovisual Communication, Ramon Llull University (Barcelona) (2001-2006).
  • Course on financing and distribution of documentaries by SGAE Author Foundation.
  • Workshop “The Straw in the Eye” on the art of protest from Pasolini to our times. Performed at the CCCB (Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona). Professors: Andrés Hispano, Bani Brusadin, Félix Pérez-Hita and Isabel Escudero.

Filmography as Director and Screenwriter

  • Panteres (Panthers) Fiction short film. Produced by Antivaho Cinematográfico. World Premiere Berlinale 2020.
  • Perifèria (Outskirts) Feature-length documentary film. Directed by Odei A. Etxerte and Xavi Esteban. Produced by Antivaho Cinematográfico in co-production with TV3. Premiere planned for 2020.
  • Dietari final (Final Dietary) Feature-length documentary film in progress. Co-directed with Ariadna Pujol. Produced by Antivaho Cinematográfico. Initiative of the Masters in Documentary Creation at Pompeu Fabra University.
  • The Quiet Women Feature-length fiction film in progress. Produced by Antivaho Cinematográfico.
  • Camino de Mayo (May’s Path) (2015) Medium-length fiction film. Produced by Antivaho Cinematográfico.
  • Soy Cámara (I Am a Camera) “Universitas” (2015) Program produced by the CCCB (Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona) for TVE (Spanish Television). Program directed by Félix Pérez-Hita, Andrés Hispano and Íngrid Guardiola.
  • La rosa y el fuego (The Rose and the Fire) (2014) Documentary short filmed on artistic residence at the Valparaíso Cultural Park. Co-production of Antivaho Cinematográfico and Chile’s Cultural Council Device Project.
  • Decálogo para la revolución individual (Decalogue for the Individual Revolution) (2014) Experimental audiovisual collection. Produced by Antivaho Cinematográfico. Presented at Sala d’Art Torre Muntadas.
  • Mai és tan fosc (It Is Never Darker) (2014) Feature-length documentary film on the figure of Arcadi Oliveres. Produced by Únicamente Severo Films in collaboration with Antivaho Cinematográfico.
  • The Show (2013) Documentary short film. Produced by Antivaho Cinematográfico for Acsur-Las Segovias. Selected for national and international festivals.
  • Entre veïns (Among Neighbours) (2011) BTV (Barcelona Television) report-fiction program. Produced by Sagrera Audiovisual (5 chapters).
  • Les màquines del temps (The Time Machines) (2011) Film essay. Produced by Antivaho Cinematográfico. Presented at Sala d’Art Torre Muntadas.
  • Sinfonía obrera (Worker’s Symphony) (2010) Found footage film essay for the Memorial Democràtic de Catalunya (Democratic Memorial of Catalonia). Produced by Antivaho Cinematográfico.
  • Ahimsa, contra la guerra (Ahimsa, Against the War) (2009) Informative documentary. Produced by Antivaho Cinematográfico for Justícia i Pau Catalunya (Justice and Peace Catalonia). Teaching material for schools.
  • Huevos (Eggs) (2006) Fiction short film. Produced by Sagrera Audiovisual.

Director of Advertising and Video Clips

  • «CARIB AND XAVI ALÍAS» MUSICAL PROJECT (2016) produced by Antivaho Cinematográfico
  • VIDEOCLIP “Lluitem” (Let’s fight) (2015) by Xavi Alías for Escafandra Barcelona
  • Literary Jam Session of the Kosmopolis Festival for the CCCB (Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona) (2011)
  • SPOT FOR THE CAMPAIGN «PRAT KM.0» (2010) for the City Council of El Prat de Llobregat.
  • SPOT MUSICAL «AL MEU RITME» (At My Own Pace) (2013-2015) for La Capsa.

Filmography as Script Supervisor and Assistant Director

  • El nom (The Name) (2017) TV movie for TV3. Directed by Joel Joan. Produced by Distinto Films.
  • El crack (The Wiz) (2016) TV3 series. Produced by Arriska Films. Second units
  • Merlí (2016) TV3 series. Produced by Veranda. Second units
  • Brava (2015) Feature-length film directed by Roser Aguilar. Produced by Setmàgic, TVOn producciones and Iberrota films.
  • Víctimas (Victims) (2014) Short film directed by Enric Rufas. Produced by Inicia Films.
  • Ahora no puedo (Now I Can’t) (2012) Short film directed by Roser Aguilar. Produced by Oriol Sala Patau P.C.
  • La muerte de Otilia Ruiz (The Death of Otilia Ruiz) (2011) Short film directed by Ida Cuéllar. Produced by Picnic.
  • Leyenda (Legend) (2011) Short film directed by Pau Teixidor. Produced by Boogalo films.
  • La sagrada familia (The Holy Family) (2009-2011) TV3 series. Produced by Mediapro.
  • Gavilanes (Sparrowhawks) (2011) Antena 3 Series. Produced by Gestmusic Endemol.
  • La culpa (The Blame) (2010) Short film directed by David Victori. Produced by Roxbury.
  • Blog (2009) Feature-length film directed by Elena Trapé. Produced by Escándalo films.
  • Clara no lo esperaba (Clara Didn’t Expect It) (2009) Short film directed by Roser Aguilar. Produced by Picnic.
  • Ellas (Them) (2008) Antena3 Series. Produced by Sagrera Audiovisual.
  • Mónica del Raval (Monica from The Raval) (2006 – 2008) Feature-length documentary film directed by Francesc Betriu. Produced by Francesc Betriu P.C., TV3 and Factòtum Barcelona.


  • Teaching collaborator on the Masters Degree in Fiction on Film and Television. Production, Script writing and direction. Ramon Llull University (2015).
  • Teaching collaborator on the Degree in Audiovisual Communication. Ramon Llull University. (2014 – 2015)
  • Teaching collaborator on the Audiovisual Performance Course for the SAÓ Association.

Contributing Writer

  • La Directa
  • El Triangle